Strategic Plan: 2018-2021

Goal One: Grow membership by 25% over three (3) years while maintaining loyalty, providing value, and retaining 80% of active members.

1. Evaluate member benefits and revise to offer compelling, value-added benefits.
 Create a list of what our current member benefits are.
 Review recent survey of what members are looking for in terms of benefits.
 Research other organizations to see what they are offering their members.
 Create a list of priorities in terms of what we will continue to offer, drop off and add to offerings.
 Determine the cost of implementing new benefits; future budgeting needs.

2. Create an onboarding and renewal process for new and renewing members.
 Create an onboarding/welcome package.
 Evaluate current automatic renewal message and redesign as necessary.
 Evaluate and develop strategies to increase new and retained members.

3. Market the organization and membership benefits to individuals and/or organizations globally.
 Deploy/enlist trained brand ambassadors to promote ACSN.
 Promote ACSN at global conferences by participating as a vendor, speaker or with promotional materials.

Goal Two: To evaluate, develop and implement administrative procedures and the current board of directors’ structure.

1. Review and update By-laws as needed to reflect current strategic direction of the organization.
 Create sub-committee to review bylaws and make recommendations.
 Draft edits and new content for full board review and approval.

2. Create a financial accountability system to ensure confidence in financial matters by the membership.
 Create sub-committee to establish accounting procedures and policies for approval by the full board.
 Develop annual budgets for all areas of the organization.
 Evaluate Board of Directors and subcommittee structure.
 Review and implement a nomination process for new board members.
 Develop and implement a recruitment process for vacated positions.
 Revise board position job descriptions, accountability and expectations.

Goal Three: Develop the ACSN Corporate Partnership program to grow the number of new partnerships by 25% and retain 80% of current partnerships while creating new pathways to collaborate to achieve mutual objectives.

1. Identify the value proposition for the corporate partnership (CP) program.
 Develop CP membership task force to review national models for other similar associations and make a recommendation to the full board for sustainable growth model in the CP program.
 Develop policies regarding endorsements and product referrals.
 Develop new CP membership welcome package listing benefits and opportunities for member engagement.
 Identify opportunities for collaboration between corporate partners, members, and member institutions.

2. Create a stewardship plan for corporate partners.
 Develop co-presentations models for webinars and during conferences.
 Partner with Research arm of ACSN to gather research from corporate partners.
 Hold client meetings during annual conferences or regional meetings.
 Implement avenues for membership to learn about products.
 Work with board governance committee to secure a seat on the board of directors for a CP.

Goal Four: Provide meaningful and timely data to our members on an annual basis to ensure they have accurate and current information to deliver quality career services to alumni globally.

1. Publish an annual report (snapshot) based on year-end numbers by February 1st for members and corporate partners based on the membership data already collected.
 Establish a timeline in sync with membership activity and conference communications: Oct. 2018 - Feb. 1, 2019.
 Create an outline of what we want to cover in the report based on existing data and annual report best practices from like organizations.
 Delegate each component to the appropriate committee to pull data.
 Design a promotional plan for the report including social media, text, infographic and recommend where it will be housed for access.
 After first publication, survey members for input on what information they would like to see published.

2. Establish a sustainable program to provide best practices research and value-added, data-driven trend analysis for members and to further the knowledge base for the association.
 Brainstorm what data points we are interested in collecting and publishing, including members’ best practices, for example, alumni employment statistics.
 Use multiple sources of information including our members, prospects, corporate partners, related professional associations (for example, PCUAD, NACE) and data providers (for example, CASE, EAB, Aluminate) to gather relevant data.
 Identify and subscribe to an effective data collection tool if MemberClicks cannot support needs.
 Establish reports for members, non-members and corporate partners to access.
 Develop a cost-structure and distribution plan for accessing data by nonmembers, members, and corporate partners.